Unlock the potential of the Data-Driven Hotel Management paradigm with a new website

An online presence is useless without intelligence. Hotelnet can build a website for your hotel that has the potential to deliver the data you need to sell better, and more. 

Why choose Hotelnet for your website?

Because your new website will give you the information you need to leverage your strengths.

A key component of the Data-Driven Hotel Management paradigm that turns into a crucial competitive advantage for your organization.

  • Our websites are fully integrated with the front and backend of our Booking Engine and Channel Manager. You can upload photos, offers and descriptions for your rooms with a single click.
  • Our websites are SEO-friendly and optimized to rank on the main search engines. They are cost effective, and cross-device compatible.
  • Always updated. A unique database; store availability, rates, and bookings through all connected web portals. The software updates automatically everywhere, avoiding the risk of overbooking.

Our websites are fully integrate with the Data-Driven Hotel Management paradigm.

Don’t settle for just any website

Your new website should achieve an optimal balance between cutting-edge technology and customization. It should match your client’s expectations while expressing your company’s philosophy.

A Hotelnet website is also:

  • Natively multilingual. Your guests can complete their bookings in their language.
  • Modular. You can even add a live chat to your website to increase conversion.
  • Customizable. Choose among a wide range of skins and designs to match your hotel’s style.
  • Scalable. You can start with a small budget, and scale your project as you grow.

Hotelnet provides you the best balance between technical expertise and customized consultancy.

  • Advanced training.
  • Pages with special content.
  • Custom template on request and CCS customization.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Brand reputation software integration (ex: Customer Alliance).
Included services
  • Technical assistance throughout the lifetime of your contract.
  • Annual hosting on request.
  • Initial training.
  • Easy to update.
  • Optimized for any device.
  • Made for Hotels
  • Rich in extra features.

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