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A hotel website to enter the Data Driven Hotel Management paradigm

A storefront is useless without intelligence. Hotelnet can build a hotel website for you that can provide you with the data you need to sell better and more.

Find out how to do it!

Why rely on Hotelnet for your facility’s website?

Because thanks to the site we will create for your hotel, you will be able to use data to make the best use of your strengths.

A key component in the Data Driven Hotel Management paradigm that turns into a key competitive advantage for your tourism facility.

  • Marketing Integration – Through the marketing integration, adwords campaigns can be planned to increase the visibility of the website. As for offers and promotions created in the marketing planner, these will be displayed within the property’s website. Finally, you can monitor and predict the conversion rate from website visits to reservations via Booking Engine.
  • Revenue Integration – Collects and processes website data to show useful statistics to implement campaigns, such as conversion rate.
  • Booking Engine – The website is integrated at no additional cost to the Booking Engine, this integration enables the capture of all special offers created. Offers are automatically activated on the website and booking engine based on the marketing planner’s schedules, unifying them into a single proposal.

Every hotel website built by Hotelnet is fully integrated with the Data Driven Hotel Management paradigm.

What to ask of your hotel website

The Web site is one of the most important hotel solutions in a tourism facility’s strategy.

The ideal Web site for your hotel must represent the best possible synthesis of market standards and customization. It must meet the needs of your customers while embodying your hotel’s philosophy.

A hotel website made by Hotelnet is also:

  • Choice of several predefined templates.
  • Multilingual with a choice of 7 available languages
  • Advanced integration with Hotelnet‘s booking engine and channel manager with: search form showing the best price on your site compared to portals, real-time bidding and other marketing features to push direct bookings.
  • Standard page structure: Home, Rooms, Gallery, Services, Offers, Contact/Location, Restaurants and/or Meeting Rooms (if any), Book +1 page of your choice.
  • Periodic updating of site structure and html, included in the fee, which based on “lab tests” appear useful in optimizing conversion rates of visits into reservations.
  • Integrated with’s content API to send updated images and descriptions.

Hotelnet offers you the best balance of technological development and specialized consulting.

In addition.

Extra options
  • Additional pages to standard pages
  • Activation of pages with special content such as virtual tours and videos
  • Newsletter subscription service
  • Email Activation
  • Google Analytics activation and management
  • Popup activation in the home on a specific offer
  • Integration with brand reputation software
  • Assembly of a new industrial template, or with dedicated graphic design studio (logo revisiting and structure photo consultation)
  • Integration with’s content API.
Conditions and services included
  • Annual service contract with payment in advance.
  • Annual hotel site hosting.
  • Initial training in the use of the system.
  • Technical assistance for the duration of the contract.
  • Easily updated content.
  • A single site optimized for mobile and desktop.
  • Designed exclusively for hotels and lodging facilities.
  • Packed with external add-on modules that can be activated.