Reach more clients with the FastReply CRO & CRM for hotels 

FastReply is a powerful, yet straightforward CRM and email hotel management platform, which is fully integrated with our Booking Engine. 

Do you want to increase your direct booking rate? FastReply helps you boost your direct sales performance.

Why FastReply CRO?

FastReply CRO helps you manage your rates and booking enquiries with ease and efficiency. It is also a CRO, designed to analyze your conversion rates and results.

  • It is fully integrated with our Booking Engine and Channel Manager. 
  • It makes email management more efficient, allowing you to save precious time.
  • It increases your conversion rate: your email campaigns will be more effective.
  • FastReply is easy to use.
  • Our platform allows you to monitor your performance at any given time.

FastReply CRO turns your emails into a key part of your business strategy! 

Why choose FastReply CRM?

The suite is enriched with a new important CRM  for hotels, residences and Bed & Breakfasts that offers a variety of  new functions.
Our CRM allows you to communicate with customers in a precise and timely manner, across all stages of the customer journey.  FastReply CRM is allows you to keep in touch with your customers on an ongoing basis, triggering a series of automatic actions, with great savings in time and energy to support your customer success strategy.
It is also possible to schedule the sending of periodic communications or send an immediate email to specific distribution/profile lists.
Distribution lists are created directly by the system using filters to extract homogeneous groups of guests and / or potential guests of your hotel.
Distribution lists can be created by segmenting groups of personal data based on the booking channel, average length of stays, revenue generated, average purchase price, dates of stay, interests and language.

FastReply CRM helps you grow their loyal customers, by understanding your guests needs and enhancing the communication with your loyal guests. The CRM helps you attract new customers, retain your guests and grow your loyal customers base  

FastReply can be used by several users at the same time, increasing your team’s efficiency.
100% cloud-based

FastReply is built on a cloud infrastructure. It is scalable and helps preserve your data.

 Local technical support

We will support you and your team in both English and Italian.

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