The channel manager that enhances your growth

Hotelnet’s Channel Manager works in conjunction with OTAs, placing your business at the core of an ecosystem that is growing every day.

What is Hotelnet’s channel manager?

Hotelnet’s channel manager is much more than just a product. It puts your tourism business right at the core of a growing ecosystem.

Thanks to its seamless integration with the booking engine, and with the help of our consultancy and training programs, our channel manager helps you to grow your sales. It also enables you to plan a more effective long term distribution strategy.

  • It’s flexible because it enables open-ended rate management.
  • It’s secure, thanks to two-way certified XML integration with the main web portals.
  • It’s always up to date. When your establishment is fully booked, our channel manager automatically updates all the connected web portals, with no action required on your part.

Hotelnet’s Channel Manager is the strategic leverage you have been waiting for.

Why choose our Channel Manager?

Because it is a key component of the Data-Driven Hotel Management paradigm. It’s the only Channel Manager that helps you not only to connect to all the online sales channels, but also to better plan your distribution strategy.

  • Highly integrated. Do you want to connect to hundreds of web portals worldwide? Thanks to our partnerships, we got you covered.
  • Smart. With our Channel Manager, your connection with the main web portal gets more efficient, and your business gets better.
  • Support. In addition to our extensive range of online tutorials, our highly trained staff is always ready to help you set the best connection to the web portals/OTAs.
  • Fully integrated with your online booking system and website.

The Channel Manager by Hotelnet places you at the core of the online booking ecosystem

Updated in real-time

Keep track of rates, availability, and booking thanks to the two-way automatic update.

Say no to overbooking

Our Channel Manager automatically closes the booking on all web portals when your establishment is full.

Faster booking procedure

As soon as one of your rooms becomes available, it also becomes immediately available across all the web portals you are connected to.

Other features
  • Credit card management within PCI DSS environment. Automatic billing and fraud detection options available.
  • Automatic download of the booking through all the connected web portals, including your booking engine.
  • You can apply the same rate across every connected portal or choose specific rates.
Included services
  • You can access our Channel Manager through an annual subscription plan.
  • Initial training included.
  • Technical support throughout the contract.
  • Automatic sync with all connected web portals.
  • Option to connect with additional third-party portals.
  • Advanced sales strategy management.

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