A Booking Engine that understands your business, and makes it better

Hotelnet’s Booking Engine is much more than a product. Combined with our consultancy services, it helps you better understand your strengths and transform them into a powerful tool to grow your business.

What is the Booking Engine by Hotelnet?

The Booking Engine by Hotelnet is a powerful business intelligence tool.

An investigative tool that uses the data from your website to help you sell more and generate more bookings from your clients without involving third-parties.

It also helps you to discern your strengths and weaknesses, turning them into key competitive advantages.

  • It is safe because it manages personal data and credit card information via a fully encrypted protocol, with PCI DSS certification.
  • It easily integrates into your website and automatically communicates with metasearch engines such as Trivago, Google Hotel Price Ads and Tripadvisor.
  • It gives your clients the freedom to easily manage their bookings without the need to directly interact with your staff.
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The Hotelnet Booking Engine is a powerful tool that gives you a deeper understanding of your business, to make it better.

Why choose the Booking Engine by Hotelnet?

Because it actually does increase your online bookings. But also because it helps you better leverage your business’s strengths, and diminish your weaknesses.

It is easy to use, modern and elegant. It is also feature rich and has an outstanding price-performance ratio.

  • Together with the Channel Manager app by Hotelnet, you will have an all-round management solution for your tourist accommodation business.
  • It is fully customizable and integrates smoothly into your website.
  • It is built with cutting-edge technology and allows you to ask your clients an advance or to cancel a booking with a click, without leaving the front-end.
  • It smoothly integrates via API XML with the major Property Management Systems (PMS) and all the other Channel Managers.

The Booking Engine by Hotelnet is your secret weapon for growing your business.

No more commissions!

By choosing the Booking Engine by Hotelnet you can run your business without paying any commission to Online Travel Agencies (OLTA).

It works in any language and with any currency

Our Booking Engine works with any currency and in any language.

It is cross-device

It allows your clients to reach you through their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

More features
  • Seamless integration with payment gateways such as Syspay, Paypal,  and Stripe.
  • Option to professionally customize the CSS.
  • Marketing module to inform your customers about last minute availability and recent bookings.
  • Option to book a fare with no credit card required.
Integrated features and services
  • Enjoy our Booking Engine with a year-long service agreement.
  • We can host your bookings if needed.
  • We can train your staff to use the platform.
  • We can provide you technical support through the lifespan of your contract.
  • A high-performance selling tool.
  • Our Booking Engine books all your rooms with no commission.
  • Consistent, customized support.

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